Saturday, December 12, 2009

7 Secrets

7 Secrets about Me.
  1. I wish I looked like Keira Knightley.
  2. Megan Fox is pretty to look at but must be hard to know in real life...
  3. I sleep when I can't deal with the World.
  4. My best friend betrayed me in the 9th grade, now boys make better best friends.
  5. I pretend to smoke a cigarette in the mirror after a shower.
  6. I once stole Rimmel lipgloss at a party and got away with it.
  7. I wish Kate Moss was my sister.
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Fashion Monstre said...

AHHHH!!! i love your blog its so cute and those little secrets are adorable, my favorite is the smoking after a shower!

cody said...

wow..great pics!!

Francheska said...

hahah that made me laugh.. great 7 facts! I especially love number 5. and i totally agree with number 4 :S!

Call Me Cat said...

sooo cute I feel like I know you better these types of posts are the best :)

cat! x


Anaice said...

i "smoke" like that too HAHHA!

Obscene Rabbit said...

your secrets are save with me.