Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton has played icon to my eyes ever since the role of Marissa Cooper on The OC. To this day, she still invents, creates and tantalizes my eyes. She's extraordinary. And deserves more work. Woe was me when The Beautiful Life was cancelled. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! :(

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Fashion Monstre said...

YES! i love her and that first picture is adorable!

Fashion Chalet said...

ME TOO since the OC days!! ;)

gorgeous then, and still now.


patricia said...

yeah she is Ppretty

Je suis style said...

LOVE mischa..always have! i liked her even when i didn't watch the oc and just saw her in magazines!

Valentina_s said...

i love your hair!!

amazing girl

Joyce said...

i've always liked mischa too! she's so cute in movies from when she was younger. (does anyone remember that dolphin movie on the disney channel?) I wish they hadn't canceled the beautiful life!!