Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So 90's and a little bit of Bradshaw :)

Who else sees the Sex and The City effect?

Do you not imagine Carrie Bradshaw running through the streets of New York City in her lingerie and trench coat combos?

Yes, I love it. Angela Lindvall everyone.

Images: fashiongonerogue
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Rebecca said...

yes very carrie, i love it and how everything is in movement

fabulous wooden shoes

Fashion Chalet said...

Oh you are so cute. I AGREE. Carrie in the second to last image is so spot on<3


Stephanie said...

You're SO on the money by calling the Carrie allusions!!! I can TOTALLY picture her running this styling show lol!

Thanks for your comment! & GREAT blog!!!!


Emma said...

haha i definitly see the carrie thing. these are so amazing! love love them! you have a wonderful blog! xx

tastythreads said...

diddo...totally agree.

Anonymous said...

lovely .

NEKA said...

carrie is epic and so is THIS!


Raez said...

love this edi, the styling is SO spot on!

xx raez

Lori said...

this does remind me Carrie, i could so see her wearing everything here

The Sound of Lace said...

great feature! lovin those shoes!

Désordre said...

Love it.

where are those shoes from?!

...the travelling boutique

Fashion is a Playground said...

Like it !

hélène said...

Fantastic!!! I love Angela, and the styling here is really outstanding. I totally see your Carrie Bradshaw reference ;)

Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment :) xx

The Bambina said...

These pictures are so beautiful and intersting! I want to BE her.