Friday, March 19, 2010

Minx Mix

Top models?
Abbey Lee Kershaw and Tallulah Morton.
Top style?
Braids and cut-offs
Top muses?
Vanessa Traina, Nicole Richie
Top shoes?

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Fashion Chalet said...

I love Nicole's ring <3

and Vanessa's hair in the last one.


DarlingV said...

I love Nicole period, I have a new found respect for her now that she's a mommy. I have two little ones to lol.

Fashion Monstre said...

nicole looks so amazing!!! she's grown up so nicely compared to when she was such a bimbo (no offense to her) with paris ahaha i love her now!!

Tamryn said...

Nicole bimbo ahaha ^ yes agreed she was so ugly then and fat too MUCH better now =)

Fashion Tidbits said...

love the dyed tips

MoMo said...

Braids! Love braidss!Interesting blog though! :>