Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rebel, Rebel

American Stripes.

Amanda Norgaard.

Cut offs with Navajo flair.

Long hair, fringe & leotards.


Forest dance.

Masha Novoselova in McQueen for V Magazine Spain April 2010.

Righteous hair!

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anne said...

That McQueen photo is just magic.

FILIPA said...

Great selection! :) love it


Fashion Chalet said...

Beautiful. The 1-3 are my favorite! and of course those towering McQueens! :)


Nancy said...

bad assssss LOVE IT!

teresa said...

i love the vulgarity of it all

Poli said...

I really love the sets, u are publishing. and the post's names are perfectly fits to the mood..!
Editorial with Masha Novoselova is really one of my fuv in last time..

Skye said...

Oh my god am I the only one DYING over the frilly white ethereal vest in the third picture? *wishful sigh*

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's a great selection. I wonder, if you remember, you could tell me where in particular in tfs, you got that last pic from. It's my favourite! Thanks...

M said...

very raw

tiny-lights said...

@ Skye - no but it's awesome! it's from last year's top shop collection.

@ Mr X - it was in my folder of saved inspiration from the Summer I'm sorry but I don't remember where exactly in tfs I found it :( if I do will let you know!

Anonymous said...

Aw, well. Thank you anyway.

M. and O. said...

all this shoot are cool
nice photos,
megan fox is so beautiful ! we like her !

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam