Monday, April 26, 2010

Stroll through Celeb Town: Style Tips!

Mischa Barton nods to Nautical in stripes and Heath Ledger in combat ankle boots.

Kate Bosworth has the figure and confidence to own short shorts around town. Just add in a lace, crop top and you're all done.

The ONE and ONLY, Kate Moss in lingerie.

Kate Moss demonstrates how a pair of black skinny jeans is a necessary staple and just as easy to pull off.

There is never too much Kate Moss intake. She makes crochet look as glam as a ball-gown.

Nicole Richie has me rethinking the shawl as an accessory again. And pulling out my dark wash and wide-leg denim.

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Fashion Chalet said...

Great call on Mischa. I do sense the Heath Ledger with the boots. I love her style as of right now and then flash back to the OC days! :)


Viv said...

love these pictures! especially like the kate bosworth and kate moss one :)

Call Me Cat said...

I love Nicole!

Cat! x
Little PLASTIC Horses

Lore. said...

love the look from Misha!

Every Little Counts said...

whoa, that is mischa barton? i never would have recognized her! loving her car!

Anonymous said...

Megan Hawley said...

Very cool looks! I find all of these girls to be very inspiring!